Virtual Presentations Guidelines

All authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to an optional session with Scientific Committee Chair in which all plans for presenting will be explained and you will be able to ask questions about the process.

Oral Presentations:

  • In the week preceding IOA 2020, authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to one of several time-slots in which we can test-run the software. This will allow presenters to feel confident that they will be able to use the software on the day.
  • All attendees will be muted throughout the presentations and questions will be prompted through a chat function.
  • Chair of the session will be choosing a few recurring questions from the submitted ones.

Poster presentations:

  • Authors of accepted abstracts will send their poster to the organising committee as a JPEG.
  • All posters will be hosted on the IOA 2020 website, grouped under specific key terms.
  • The posters will be available one week before IOA 2020 starts, and all posters will have the option for viewers to submit questions to the author through the webpage.
  • "Poster sessions" will be scheduled at various points across the 3 days of IOA 2020 with each "key term group" (e.g. 'glaucoma') given a set 30-minute window and a personalised zoom (or equivalent) session.
  • Presenting authors are required to be available for their slot as this is when attendees will be able to join and speak to you one-on-one. This is also when representatives from our panel of judges will pop in to speak to you so make sure you're available.

Prior to the 30-minute "poster" session, we will also encourage you to liaise with the other presenters in your "key term group" as you likely have overlapping interests but will all be 'presenting' at the same time. To facilitate this, we will also run an optional 30-minute session exclusively for poster presenters.